What is Digital Leading and Learning (DLL)

      So what is Digital Leading and Learning? I suppose I could copy and paste Lamar University's graduate course description, copy the syllabus from each course simply give you the generic rhetoric. It's really not that simple and at the same time, its so simple, it defies description.

     My take on DLL is the acceptance of the way we teach and learn are outdated. We have basically been teaching the same way for over 200 years. DLL in the simplest explanation, is that we need to create a significant learning environment (CSLE) where students are given the choice, provided ownership, and voice through authentic learning (COVA). My initial take on the course was that it was a technology based program. I was so wrong, it is a learning based program. Yes, we use technology to its fullest extend but the premise is giving students the responsibility for their education. Changing the entire way in which we teach out students and the way in which we present the material. Currently we lecture as the form of teaching, they fill out worksheets and we grade them At the end of the year, it all goes into the recycling bin. What do they have to show for what they learned. The satisfaction that they are helping the environment by recycling and a letter grade that they hope is not a "F".

     So far, they main premise has been the creating of an ePortfolio.What it is and why? My initial feeling as one of rebellion, not this guy. Reality set in and I realized that like any course, you had to meet the minimum. What was most amazing to me was that the ePortfolio is not just a course requirement, it is a method of showcasing who you are and what you have done. You can show off and then go back and reflect on what you did. Then go back, change it and start the cycle all over again. My initial thoughts of what this program was about were shattered. I also figured out that its not about showing off after all, the ePortfolio is about showing who you are. What you believe in and where you are heading. It's a navigation plot to set out on course to what is really important, student learning through CSLE and COVA. They seem like they are two independent articles but in reality, the two are intertwined. They co-exist and support each other.

     So this is where I am at today. I plan to update this as I continue on this journey and hope that hope that it will help top spread the word, we need to change the way we teach and they will change the way they learn.

Updated: November 8, 2018