Winter Break

So the fall semester ended and I achieved a 4.0 average for the three classes. There were times I was worried, struggling but I managed to pull it out in the end. I realized just how little I know about my students I have today. Oh, I know their learning styles, their quirks, which are motivated by what; however, I know so little about how to really reach them. To inspire them to want to learn, to be self-sufficient in their learning.

I have so far to go still in truly implementing change in my classroom before I try to implement it throughout my campus, let alone the district. Sometimes its overwhelming but I just take a step back, look at what little piece I can handle right now and start from there. I'm not going to change the myself over night, much less the world.

So now I prepare for the next semester. I've gotten a head start by getting my text book and starting to read now. The first class doesn't start until the 22nd of January and I have 5 books to read, 2 are optional, but I will read them anyway. Out of the cohort, I've partnered with 3 fellow students and we truly help each other and support each other through recommendations, comments and constructive criticism. I truly respect their opinions when they review my submissions, thank you Cindy, Waynette and Stacey for your support.

So time to read and relax a bit before we start anew...

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