EDLD 5302 Week 4 - Professional Learning Networks

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

So last week we joined professional learning network (PLN). I thought that as I belong to many as my school district had, these networks would fit the billet. Come to find out, that was a professional learning community (PLC). What is the difference? The PLC is with your local network, your school, or your district. The PLN, reaches across the state, the country and even the world. Instead of meeting with your colleges, you meet and explore ideas with people around the world, literally. To ask questions, to exchange ideas, to explore new possibilities is the purpose the PLN. Yes, some have membership requirements that cost money, and many more are free. The question is, is it worth the cost. Speaking for myself, the answer is yes. What can be learned and applied in the classroom is endless. Does it mean it will always work, no, there will successes as well as failures. It is the failures and our ability to say, well that didn't work, and not give up simply because of a failed lesson or project. We must learn to adjust our view, to change an approach, to grow from these failures because they make success, oh, so much sweeter.

So, are we a PLC or a PLN?

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