Professional Development for fall, 2019

So this coming August, I have been accepted to present at our SCUC University, our version of PD, on Disruptive Innovation: Growth Mindset through ePortfolio's. Now I realize that this endeavor will require me to buckle down and set forth my plan. I have all the ingredients, now I have to get them in the right order to create a great dish, hoping it doesn't fall flat on me. Unfortunately, i will not find out until later this summer what time period I will be allotted. 45 minutes or 75 minutes, I hope for the later. So in reality, I have to prepare for both as well as bring in choice and ownership through voice in authentic learning (COVA) to create a significant learning environment (CSLE). Technology will be available for me to make my presentation as well as newsprint for old school methods. Either way, it's a challenge I am looking forward to working on this summer.

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