Innovation Plan Update

So my innovation project, version 2 , was to implement using OneNote at a campus wide level. It started out well at the beginning of the school year, my principal and I planned out the year long training session to begin in October as well as phasing in the implementation of OneNote throughout the year. Fast forward to today, Training was delayed because of district required training which superseded my training. We finally held the initial training in January and have begun the process. immediately, the objections began to making the change. Was it necessary, what is the benefit, why, why, why? While I made the argument that we now would have a single avenue of information, many argued that the old way of sending numerous emails worked. I counter-argued that we often spend too much time looking for a lost email and asking that it be resent again, when we now would have a venue when it was there for us to see.

What worked, my principal bought into it and saw the advantages. We even gave forewarning of the changes to come hoping my peers would research a bit ahead of time, wrong. Even when you give them a chance to research ahead, some will dig in and argue for the status quo. Why change whats been working for years, even if it is not efficient? Change makes people afraid because it is new. Remarkably, I did note that the older a teacher was, the more resistant to change, while younger teachers were more acceptable to the change. I attempted to recruit older teachers while was completely unsuccessful, I realize I should have attempted to recruit younger teachers instead. Not that older teachers will not accept change, just that they are usually the last ones to accept change, as an older teacher, I understand this very well. The difference being is that I have accepted a growth mindset in order to see change change is inevitable and that I must become the force of change itself.

In future innovation project, I will have to take a closer look at the audience of my project. Judge the pros and cons and seek of its implementations. Possibly consider doing a trail ruin on a smaller scale before attempting such a large scale. I have made progress in having our district office take note of the changes I am attempting on my campus, with positive feedback and support.

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