EDLD 5314: Lessons Learned

Well, my initial innovation plan went down the drain. My hope to incorporate ePortfolios in the CTE and Fine Arts world went nowhere. Several factors caused my attempt to fail before it even began. Both the CTE and Fine Arts departments are in a curriculum rebuilding and adding ePortfolios just did not fit into the plan. Too many changes happening all at once.

On the bright side, the district curriculum director pointed me towards the elementary teachers who are already considering ePortfolios but have no real direction in which to go. So my revision will be geared towards elementary and I'll be looking at adding digital badges to award students for subject mastery as well as soft-skills learned.

Lesson learned is to research the target audience more before targeting them for the project. Reminded me of the issue Dr. Harapnuik had when changing printers on his campus and the all the negativity he received for such a simple plan. Sometimes you have to go through it to appreciate a lesson learned. The innovation plan re-writing is still in progress.

Another lesson, and a very important one, concerns my why. I realized that my why was mediocre and a bit vague. I have to be more specific and at the same time, more concise. It cannot be a dissertation, it must be simple, elegant and short. It has to "sing", so to speak, it has to hit the heart.

There were so many lessons I learned in this course. Some were obvious and I knew about but there were many I had not realized. One is particular was "decision makers frequently question the potential of technology in the singular" (Haddad, n.d.). This is so true, we must present the technology used not in the singular but in its holistic view. In attempting to implement ePortfolios, I found that there were so many pieces of technology that had to fit together in order to make it work. What platform, what type or a mix of types, training the educators, training the students and so on. The more I looked into making it a reality, The more I realized that this was something I could not do alone. Creating the team to do this is essential to making it work and having the team on the same page or it will not work.

Wow, Nancy Duarte presentation made me look at how I was going to present this summer to my district. I really enjoyed listening to her breakdown of the communication model and why it worked for Steve Jobs and Dr. Martin Luther King. I can talk about how my ePortfolio innovation plan will change out district but the presentation and my belief in what I am saying will sell it or not. I have been part of a group within our district which has been presenting to the community as to why our current model of teaching is broken and to get them to contact legislators to fund us better. What I realized this year after starting this program, is that we were doing absolutely nothing ourselves to fix it. We were telling people that its broken but we were offering no fix. I propose to offer the beginnings of a fix though COVA and CSLE and ePortfolio's. It has to begin somewhere.

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