EDLD 5305: ePortfolio Literature Review

After many hours of reading, writing and revising, i submitted my ePortfolio Literature Review this past Sunday. Today, I saw my grade of 147 out of 150, I am totally stoked. I published in the summer of 2005 and have not done a literature review since then. I was at first concerned whether I still had what it takes. As I read the literature, my initial 4 references slowly became 12. The flow of writing came back like an old friend I had not seen in awhile and we became comfortable in each others company. The writing seemed to take life of its own, the words flowed much to my surprise and I was unsure at first but confidence slowly crept in. It was indeed a challenge, one I must admit, gruelingly, but a challenge accepted none the less. What I mean to say, if you truly learn and master something, no matter how long it has not been used, it will all come back, if your willing to exhort the effort, time, and effort.

I tell my students daily, "try is an excuse for not doing something; for if you do your best, successful or not, you didn't try, you did it"

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