EDLD 5305: ePortfolio Commercial

In today's world, you have to sell it to people. You have to be creative and innovative. The same goes for teaching today. It's not enough to just present a lesson, give out a worksheet and expect them to pass. Many today don't want to learn, they just want the answers so they can pass and move on. "When will I use this in real life?" "This is stupid, I'll never use it." The reality is that over the years, we learn that at one point or another, we will need that knowledge, even if it's just helping our children in their homework. I've had parents tell me that they can't help with their children's homework because it makes no sense to them, they wish they had paid attention in school.

The reality is that students are headed in another direction. Many can barely write in print, much less write legibly in cursive. Their life has never know what it is life without a cell phone, a tablet, the internet, or walking somewhere. Teaching need to go in a new direction. Blended learning is one of the disruptive innovations in teaching. 75% face to face and 25% using technology. Social skills need to be developed within this learning as most youth engage in texting, snap-chat, tweeting, etc., more than they do face to face. What if we could combine that with education? ePortfolio is one avenue that I foresee that can fill that void. Students can showcase their work and use a blog to present their thoughts and get feedback from teachers and peers as well. For now, here is my introductory ePortfolio commercial...

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