EDLD 5304 - ePortfolio Influencer model

This model begins the foundation for implementing innovative change in my school district. The ultimate goal is to have students use ePortfolios in their various courses to showcase their work as well as utilize it as a method of assessment.

My initial goal, and probably the most difficult, will be to get administrators and fellow teachers to embrace using ePortfolios in their curriculum. To make it not just another flavor of the year. I need to have teachers make their own ePortfolios, play with it, change it and get feedback on it. All too often we are given tasks and technology with little or no training. I plan to establish on-going training throughout its development. Not just meet once and have them do it. I plan to create a collaborative network between the teachers, and hopefully administrators, to use ePortfolios in the classroom or leadership position. To shape it into their own creation, using feedback to grow with as well as constantly adding to it, to not allow it to stagnate.

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