EDLD 5303, Week 4 - What does my e-Portfolio say and why?

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

So, my group and I have been reviewing each others ePortfolio and providing feedback and suggestions. We've even borrowed and idea or two from each other and included that in our ePortfolio. I reviewed the ePortfolios showcased by Dr. Harapnuik, one thought came to mind. They were all different, they were each a projection of the owner, there was no template. Well, yes and no. The basic requirements were there but they each had their own distinct look. They determined how they would project their ideas, their thought, their insight and yet no two were the same.

That is the first part of COVA, Choice. We each chose our own way of presenting our e-Portfolio as as well as how it would look. One could argue that they all meet the same minimum elements and they would not be incorrect. The issue is that each had the choice of how they would meet the minimum requirements, test, video, presentations, or combinations thereof. We each think and react differently. We will each see something different in each others ePortfolio. In our group, we critique, comment, and borrow ideas from each other. We do not attack each other rather, we respect and provide constructive criticism.

I don't want my ePortfolio to be a copy of someone else's ePortfolio. It has to be mine, good or bad. My hope is that my peers will help me grow it, tell me when I'm going in the wrong direction and tell me when I'm good. That some will take an idea and use it on theirs but still make it their own, not a carbon copy. If I see a good idea, I will borrow it as well, after asking of course. For example, I particularly like Jesse Lee's site. It gives an insight on who he is and what his aspirations are.

I am at the point in my life where most of my peers are retiring. They have been teaching for 30 plus years, they are younger than me and wonder why I still remain teaching and even more, why I entered a graduate program at my age. Why? Well, I may be 62 years young but I still have a passion for learning and I truly believe that we have to change the way we educate our youth. We as teachers have to be proactive in making that change. Our ePortfolios will highlight what can be done because we have done it. We have changed and if this old salt can still learn new tricks, think of what we can teach our youth as we go forward into the next decade.

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