EDLD 5303 Week 3 - ePortfolio, is it mine?

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

So, we've created an ePortfolio and we're asked to take ownership and given the choice on creating it. Then, we're asked to pass this concept on to our students to get them ready to take their own learning and be responsible for it. Therein lies the catch-22. Create something, be responsible and accept ownership for it. It feels like in today's student, its an oxymoron, responsibility and ownership. Almost all school district require teachers to maintain a website and we can't even get teachers to take responsibility and ownership of them. How are we going to get students to buy into COVA? We do this by setting the example, for our students and our peers. We advertise our website to our peers and ask for feedback. This gets the seed planted on this innovative concept. We get them wondering, just what the heck are we doing? We let our students look as well and let them know that we are not afraid of feedback, it's our site, we own it.

When I was in college, I kept every notebook, handout, etc., just in case I needed it for another course. I also had a paper portfolio to maintain so it might be something I could use for it. why, because I knew early on that once the semester was over, I wouldn't have access to my work.  We live in the reality that "where a student’s work exists only inside a learning management system and cannot be accessed once the semester is over" (Watters). If a student has an ePortfolio, their work remains there because they own the site. Whether it is a free site or a paid site, they can access it, update it, add or delete anything they want. it is theirs.

The question about whether or not we truly own the ePortfolio if our professors are grading it and telling us what is required to be on it. I say that if your doing on the minimum, you might want to reconsider why you are in this course. The main thin about COVA that stands out the most in ownership. It is my site, it reflects my thought, my feeling, me personality. It is an electronic version of me and I need to have it reflect such. I can choose to take ownership and simply use it to fill the minimum requirements of the course. I prefer to make it mine...

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