EDLD 5303 - Week 1 - So it begins...The Big Picture

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Wednesday - The second course focused on the importance of having an ePortfolio and its contents. I must admit that it is a bit intimidating and this is new territory for me. At the end of EDLD 5302, I felt like I had a fair handle on my ePortfolio and then I read the syllabus for this course, I was so wrong. We are going from basic to intermediate websites and at first glance, it appears overwhelming. This week we focus on the Big Picture. Fundamentals, the who and why, examples, COVA and the how to create the ePortfolio. Sounds simple...I think?

Friday - I feel we really need to ask ourselves, are we just giving the professor what they want to see or are we making the e-portfolio a living document? The ePortfolio needs to grow as we grow. it needs to evolve and change, redesign when needed and be actively used. Many of us have teacher website, my school district mandates it; however, it hasn't changed much in over 12 years. Oh, I update the intro, change the dates, the calendar, courses taught, etc., but otherwise, its still the same old site. I realize I cannot allow this to happen to my ePortfolio. My district website is essentially a fixed mindset way of thinking, I realize that now. I need to remain vigilant that my ePortfolio does not become the same. Most importantly, I need to change my teacher website as well.

The challenge will be in making it truly mine. That the content is show casing how I am growing, not just plugging in blogs and pages to meet the class requirement. This is where I must implement COVA for myself and we are indeed fortunate that we have been given this opportunity. It will take time, this I know to be true and it will be slow at first. I don't believe in changing things just because you can, I believe in changing things to improve yourself and your work. This class will test that within me, I pray I will prevail in the end.

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