EDLD 5303 Week 5: My ePortfolio and do you see what I see?

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

So, like many of us, I created my e-portfolio using a set theme from my choice of service provider, Wix. Over the last 10 weeks, I have played with it, tweaked it, and changed it to meet my personality, to have it say what I want it to say about me.

Symbolism is most often the hardest to interpret so I am letting you know what it means to me.

° The home page is a fountain pen to reflect what I first learned to write with, and to show that even if we are older, we can still learn in this new age.

° The DLL page is a foggy ocean setting with a barely visible ship. DLL is still a bit foggy to me and my ship, myself, is working its way out of the fog into clear sailing, with the navigation of our professors.

° My blog page show a forest with a winding path. It symbolizes that we don't necessarily know where the blog will lead us and we never will unless we are willing to follow a path that leads to understanding.

° My COVA/CSLE is a cloudy sky, once again, we are lost in the clouds looking for clear skies of understanding and implementation.

° My forum is a pathway across the world where we can discuss ideas and thoughts.

That being said, I have no way of knowing if anyone sees my symbolism, please let me know.

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