Algebra 1 On-Line

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

This course is about creating and implementing an on-line course. I have taught Algebra 1 for many years now and have always felt that there was a whole missing in the course. Students are out for numerous reasons, illness, accident, behavioral issues or issues with law enforcement. I fell that regardless of the reason they are not in class, students should have the expectation of keeping up their learning. Yes, students are expected to be responsible for their learning, yet if we don't provide that opportunity to have genuine learning, how can they hold up their end of the responsibility.

That being said, is this my only creation? For now, yes; however, I feel that I could easily expand it to 8th grade math as well as Algebra 2. There are several reasons for this. One, I have taught both these classes for many years. I know the expectations and the TEKS involved as well as they follow very close to the same format as the Algebra 1 course. The direction they would go depends on the outcome of my Algebra 1 class. I have positive exceptions but I know there will be issues which I will hopefully fix.

I also see this course of an advantage for my in class students. The in class on the on-line course have identical assignment, due on the same day. In class students can access the course, review the videos and information to help them with their assignments. All to often, when assignments are not completed, I ask if they asked their parents for help. The answer I get the most is that their parents have no clue on how to work Algebra. Now what if the students and the parents reviewed the on-line lessons together. Not only is the student learning but the parent as well who can help their child and not feel helpless in the situation. In many parent conferences, they tell me that math was their worst subject and it was so long ago. The course is a refresher for them can bring back the memory of how to do the assignment.

On-line course are being taught in my district. So what makes my course any better or different? The on-line program my district uses has many option that you can turn off or on. That is the course limitation. When feedback brings up issues, all that can be said is that is the way the program works, deal with it. With my course, I can make the adjustments as needed. If its universal, then the fix is for all. If I have a student with specific needs, I can copy the course into a different class, modify it for that student and still achieve a successful result. Yes, it will be a bit of work, but the end result of seeing the look on a student, when they pass, is work the the effort.

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