Professional Learning Networks     



      Professional Learning Networks (PLN)provide more than just information to use, copy, etc. It can provide a forum to discuss new ideas and methods to get feedback before implementing it in the classroom to help prevent a crash and burn situation in a new lesson. I have been part of a Professional Learning Community (PLC) for many years in my district and now see the advantages of belonging to a PLN. These are the ones I have chosen to begin with:

                                                        Texas Distance Learning Association

TxDLA is the leading Texas membership association for distance learning professionals. Our members represent public and private education institutions at all levels as well as corporate training professionals and distance learning equipment and content providers. All of our members have a strong interest in keeping abreast of the ideas, technologies, and content that will help them develop and maintain leading-edge distance learning programs and products.


                                                            National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)






      As a mathematics educator or researcher, your passion is ensuring that all students receive the highest quality math education possible. Membership in NCTM means access to the resources you need to turn your passion into measurable student learning outcomes.


      In addition to exclusive resources and the latest research, membership in NCTM connects you to an expansive network of fellow math educators who share your commitment to student success. Enhance your teaching expertise when you exchange solutions and first-hand insights within this community.

(I posted my introductory thread, including my e-portfolio and see what feedback I get there. My next post will be to query how many teachers are using the growth mindset and their successes with it.)





   My NCTM Math Forum.  Share information and organize  resources, forum for MCTM.






                                                              Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA).

      You want to engage your students and prepare them for the future. You know technology can support that goal. And you want the focus to remain on solid teaching. We’re here to help. Join TCEA. We’re a nonprofit association of educators with 38 years of experience advancing learning with technology. We can help you find the tools and support you need to get the buy-in and results you want.


Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE).









      Founded by educators for educators, ATPE is the leading educators’ association in Texas and the largest independent educators’ association in the United States. As a member-owned and member-governed professional organization, ATPE exists to serve the needs of Texas teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators and all public education employees and fights for our schools on the local, state and national levels.


      My goal is to use these network to showcase my ideas and get feedback on them. I also hope to extract information, resources and ideas that will help me advance the growth mindset and UDL in my district. I plan to slowly inch into my growth mindset plan so that I do not fail so devastatingly that I become disheartened. I understand that some techniques and methods will not be successful. I hope to learn form them so that I can refine them into successful one. I am happy to say that I had my principal walk-thru last Thursday. We went over her observation and rating today.  This is my trial class in which I am using the growth mindset plan. She was impressed and excited by what she saw which was students engaged, peer teaching, co-operative learning and this is after only two weeks. She wanted to know what I was doing different this year and I told her about my approach using the growth mindset. She said she had knew about it and it was the direction the district was leaning toward. She seemed surprised I new about it and was attempting it. I have never doubted I was a good teacher, I walked out of there with the thought that I am on my way to being a great teacher (self-pat on the back).